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Noah’s Pudding Service in Thanksgiving

As autumn quickly turns into winter and dinner tables are set with delicious turkey at home the North East Islamic Community Center of New York (NEICC) participated at the Huntington Interfaith Thanksgiving service.. Many people of different faith came together to be thankful and share a meal together. From the Muslims to the Christians, all faiths offered their respective prayers.

JoAnn Barrett, one of the organizers of this amazing event, wrote a song that included lyrics from several different faiths. It was such a beautiful melody to hear and we all sang together. Also, the Native Americans performed an entrancing dance ritual that left us all in wonder. To represent the TurkishMuslim Community, Savas Cetinkaya who is a religious instructor from the North East Islamic Community Center of New York, recited Azan, “Call to Prayer” for the Muslims with his powerful voice.

At the end, the NEICC shared a selection of holiday delicacies including Noah’s pudding while they were appreciating what was given to them. There’s nothing better in life than to be grateful for what they have and to cherish it. Happy Thanksgiving!