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North East Islamic Community Center held an Intrafaith Workshop with sister organizations on October 27, 2016, hosted by Respect Graduate School. The purpose of this workshop is two-fold. The first being to share and benefit from institutions that share our similar mission and values. Second, to learn how to incorporate successful projects in our own communities and substantiate strong and long-term intrafaith dialogue relationships.

Workshop Topics

Intrafaith Dialogue Introduction & Opening Statement

Items to Pay Particular Attention to in Intrafaith Dialogue

Short and Long-term Priorities in Intrafaith Dialogue

Perspectives from Those with Intrafaith Experience

The Obstacles and Solutions of Intrafaith Dialogue

Community Leader Workshops: Who, What, When, Where, and How

Activities for Intrafaith Dialogue & How to Reach Muslim Youth Activists

What Can be Done for Respect Graduate School

What Can be Done for Reading Contest