Our Beloved Prophet is from the Progeny of Prophet Abraham

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After Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, his son Ismail, peace be upon him, lived a settled life here, and he had twelve sons. It was clear that his son Nabit was different from the others. The same kind of particularity could be seen in his son Yashjub, and this line of distinction passed down with Yarub, Tayrah, Muqawwim, Udad and Adnan. It was clear that this line had a special nobleness and a particularity that could carry the weight of Prophethood. The same special character of the Prophet’s forefathers to the twentieth degree could be well observed, after Adnan, Maad, Nizar, Mudar, Malik, Fihr, Ghalib, Luayy, Ka’b, Murra, Kilab, Qusayy (Zayd), Abdimanaf (Mughira), Hashim (Amr) and Abdul Muttalib (Shayba), and a light that was the indication of the Prince of the Universe could be seen on their foreheads.

Abdullah, the last son of Abdul Muttalib, was a monument of chastity. That’s why Abdul Muttalib loved him above all his children.

One day, Abdul Muttalib went to the leader of the Zuhra tribe, Wahb ibn Abdi Manaf, and told him that they were asking for the hand of Amina, who was an honorable girl of great lineage. After a short while Abdul Muttalib’s son Abdullah and Wahb’s daughter Amina got married, so a new family was formed.

Abdullah was a tradesman, and soon after his marriage, he went on a trade caravan. He became ill and died, and was buried in Medina. The inheritance he had left behind was five camels, some sheep and an Abyssinian slave girl by the name of Umm Ayman. When news of his death reached Mecca, the family of Abdul Muttalib was thrown into great grief. However, they had to be patient, for Amina was pregnant with the one, whose coming the whole world was eagerly awaiting.

Meanwhile, Abraha, the governor of Yemen at that time, gathered his army to destroy the Ka’ba in Mecca. However, his army was miraculously completely destroyed. Minds were blown away, and it was now clear to all that the Ka’ba built by Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail, peace be upon them, through prayer and physical efforts would never be destroyed. Now the world was getting ready to see the fruit of their prayer.


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