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Zakat unfetters from the shackles of excessive love for material things. Islam, in fact, insists that a person be free from all sinister fetters and turn his heart purely in the direction of God, so to speak.

For man, becoming a slave for something that he is the master of is an awful digression from the purpose of his creation. Everything has been created for mankind, who should make use of this privilege in utilizing it in the way outlined by Islam, in natural conformity with the divine will. Otherwise, this could well end in the material universe being unduly elevated to a virtual object o f worship, causing a detrimental sway in feelings, thoughts and actions. The Noble Prophet (upon whom be peace) has emphasized this most unfortunate digression: “Woe to the slaves of gold, silver, linen and silk! If they are granted these, they celebrate, but they cannot digest when deprived of them.”34

The most effective cure for this disease is, again, zakat, an eternal investment that is an excellent means of orienting the heart of the benefactor towards the Hereafter.


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