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NEICC (North East Islamic Community Center) and TCCR (Turkish Cultural Center of Rochester) co-sponsored 2nd annual Siyer Fair on February 27 of 2016.  NEICC sponsored weekend school students at Turkish Cultural Center Rochester from pre-k through fifth graders. There are over thirty students who come to weekend school. They have Quran, tajwaad, religious study, Turkish and a special hifz classes for memorizing suras. Since September of 2015, pre-k classes memorized almost nine sures. Families have a confident to send their children for weekend school. The students learn fundamentals of their religion and socialize with their friends.

These students have been working with excitements on their unique projects about life of the beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. There was great number of people attended to the Siyer Fair.  The program started with greeting the Prophet Muhammad pbuh along with Quran recitations from the nine students that started reading Quran in this new school year. Some students read poem about the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. There was twenty one projects on displayed about unique part of our beloved Prophet pbuh. Some student decided to have power point presentation interactively asking questions to the attendees to draw attention on the subject.

After all, juror had difficult decision to choose from the project for the first place. Then everyone got awarded by preparing and paying attention to an important project about life of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. All the students were happy to be part of the Siyer Fair. It was celebration rather than competition however reality if they all gain knowledge and share it with their families and guest who attended the program.