At the Home of Ibn Arqam

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The polytheists came when Muslims prayed and always mocked them, always harassed them in the Prayers. That’s why the Messenger of Allah and his Companions chose peaceful and remote places in order to be able to pray in peace, reading the Qur’an in silence. But the polytheists soon found out that this was the Muslims way of worship now and so they wanted to continue to harass them wherever they were.

It had been two years since revelations had started. The Companions had gathered once again at a remote place outside Mecca and they were performing their Prayers. A group of Meccans came and they started to tease them with words concerning their prayer. They were clearly trying to provoke the Muslims. They took it so far that what had started with mere words turned into physical confrontation. Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas had given into his emotions for one moment and had started a fight with one of the polytheists; he had damaged the man in the head and the polytheist was covered in blood. The polytheists had been looking for an excuse, and this event gave them the opportunity they had been looking for.

The way things were developing did not look good for the Muslims. The Messenger of Allah who heard of what had happened was looking for a solution to the matter. He had been looking for a place where Muslims could pray comfortably and where the revelations that came would be shared in peace and the loyalty and bond to the Prophet could be established without harassment. One needed time so that the new buds and eggs could flourish and hatch, and one needed a peaceful place for this development. He did not want Muslims to waste time and energy confronting the polytheists, always being at their firing range.

Arqam ibn Abi’l-Arqam now had the opportunity to use his means for truth. He had a house on the hill of Safa and he had invited the noble Messenger and his Companions there. They could pray there peacefully, they could read the Qur’an and share the revelations that came. This was a very reasonable offer and so our noble Prophet accepted his invitation. A new process was thus beginning and the Messenger of Allah accepted the offer of Ibn Arqam, and moved to the house on the hill of Safa. This meant a new lease on a peaceful life that would last three years.

They were leaving bad neighbors behind, and with these new surroundings, a new color had come to Islamic development, there was a new momentum. Muslims were coming here secretly and were sharing the verses that had been revealed to the noble Prophet. They were engaging in deep conversation about faith and piety and they were burning with the need to help and hold the hands of others.

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