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West Haven and Hardfort Connecticut are bringing new attractions to the Turkish Cultural Centers. The Turkish Cultural Center has partnered with North East Islamic Community (NEICC) in organizing an after school program that students find educating and enjoyable. It is held 4 days a week from 4:30-7:30 pm. Students that attend this after school program are first completing their homework assignments, then continue with Qur’an, good character class, Muslim Morals and manners, Essentials of Islam, and Seerah.
Students that are attending the after school program have participated in the Seerah contest and with support from their parents took place in the fair to display their projects. There are activities in between classes as well. The most beneficial of these activities help children enhance their intelligence, fine motor skills and attention span. Once students completed the first semester with activities such as mangala, chess, painting, 3D origami and puzzles, in the second semester they continued with water marbling (Ebru) and excercises to increase attention span that also tested level of intelligence.