Divine Laws

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In accordance  with humanity’s worth and value, and considering the human heart, spirit, mind, and physical being, the Qur’an descended from the Highest of the High. Containing the most perfect messages, it is a collection of Divine Laws.

Followed today by more than one billion people, the Qur’an is a unique book that, with its eternal and unchanging divine principles, guides everyone to the shortest and most illuminated road to happiness.

The Qur’an has been a source of light for the most magnificent and enlightened communities that have ruled the world, those that have produced thousands of scholars, philosophers and thinkers. In this sense, no other rule is equal to its rule.

Since the day it was revealed, the Qur’an has encountered many objections and criticisms. However, the Qur’an has always emerged unscathed and so continues to reflect its victory.

The Qur’an crystallizes in the heart, illumines the spirit, and exhibits truths from beginning to end. Only believers who can sense all the beauty of the universe in a single flower and see rainstorms in a drop of water can know and understand its real countenance.

Muslims can reach unity only by affirming and believing the Qur’an. Those who cannot do so cannot be Muslim, nor can they establish any lasting unity among themselves.

When humanity was floundering in the brutality of ignorance and unbelief, the Qur’an burst forth in a flood of enlightenment that drowned the world in its light. The Qur’an engendered a revolution without parallel or equal. History is a sufficient witness!

The Qur’an is the unique book commanding true justice, real freedom, balanced equality, goodness, honor, virtue, and compassion for all creation. It is also the matchless book forbidding oppression, polytheism, injustice, ignorance, bribery, interest, lying, and bearing false witness.

In a narration by Hâris el-A’ver, he says:

“When I stopped by the mosque,I saw that people left dhikr (rememberance of Allah) and  were busy with  pointless, unnecessary issues. I left the mosque and went to see the Imam ALi and let him know about the situation.”

Imam Ali asked me:

-Are you telling the truth? Are they doing so? and

when I said “Yes’ The Imam Ali -may God honour him! – said: – I heard Prophet Mohammad -peace be upon him- says: -” there will be captivations”. I said: – how can we avoid them? Prophet Mohammad said:

– Book of Allah (the Holy Qur’an)

The Quran is a judge and a source of authority between you. It is the only measure that distinguishes the right and the superstition. The Holy Qur’an is the real speech and is not joking.Whose trust and faith in Allah (C.C) are shattered by the fear of a tyrant or oppression, Allah destroys that person. the Holy Qur’an) tells us about news of people who came before you and who will come after you. Whoever refers anything other than Quran to find the right way, Alah makes him deviate off the right path.It is the strongest rope of Allah. It is a profound dhikr (rememberance of Allah) and a reminder full of wisdom. Itis the very straight path. Quran keeps its followers from following their own desires. Languages and Statements are not exposed to any confusion by the protection of Quran. Scholars are never ever sated with it. When recited constantly, it neither becomes old fashioned nor boredom. There are endless beauties that make people amazed and surprised. This is such a book that when Jinns release themselves to listen to it, they had to say  “We have really heard a wonderful Recital!’It gives guidance to the Right, and we have believed therein: we shall not join (in worship) any (gods) with our Lord. ” Whoever speaks based on it, says the truth. Whoever acts according to it is surely rewarded. Whoever rules according to it rules just. Whoever is called to it is called to the right path.