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Expression of Belief:
What are the aspects of the HAJJ that link to Islamic beliefs?

One of the five pillars: it expresses submission to Allah.
Collective worship establishing connection with Allah, Abraham and Adam as part of the stories of the tradition
Links to other pillars- each provides freedoms from worldly affairs (Salat), from material wealth (Zakat), fasting from physical need and Hajj is freedom from sin and racism
Remembrance of the Day of Judgment- white signifies common dress where no-one can be distinguished from another
Recalls the stories of Abraham and Hagar- the hills and water, the black stone, the stoning of the devil and the sacrifice of the goat
Significance of the Practice:
What is the significance of the Hajj for the individual and the Muslim community?

Hopes to be a better person because of the Hajj
Glorifying God through worship saying You are greater than my self and above the whole of humanity.

Mental strength patience and perseverance from the exercise of the Hajj

Universal significance concentric circles around the Kab’ah
Collective prayer (du’a) and remembrance on the plains of Arafat

Able to see the universality of Islam through communal and individual worship of Allah

Connecting point- meeting others in the Islamic community