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Eating due to a mistake or coercion.

Swallowing the blood more than the saliva with which it is mixed and the taste of which one feels.

Swallowing more than a few drops of tears and sweat the taste of which one feels.

Removing from the mouth anything edible that remains between the teeth and which is greater than a chickpea, and then eating it.

Vomiting a mouthful. Anything less and which goes back into the stomach does not invalidate the fast. However, if one intentionally takes it back, the fast is broken.

Ejaculation that occurs with pleasure by kissing, touching, and masturbation.

Menses and post-childbirth bleeding, even if either begins just before sunset.

If one eats, drinks, or has intercourse, thinking that the sun has set or that fajr has not occurred.

Any injections, whether for feeding or for medicinal purposes. It does not matter if the injection was intravenous or underneath the skin, or whether what was injected reaches the stomach.

Any drink or medicine that passes through throat or nose. However, water that passes through the ears is allowed.

Any fluid going into body through the rectum.