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All financial and other dealings are based on some expressed or implicit agreements. Honoring these agreements is the key to happy and smooth relationships among members of a community or a society. Therefore, the Qur’an stresses this principle and, in several places, actually lists it as being among a believer’s most important characteristics.

  1. (Believers are those) who are faithful to their trusts and to their commitments. (23:8)
  2. Those who fulfill their covenant when they have engaged in a covenant. (2:177)
  3. O you who believe, fulfill the bonds (you have entered into with God and people). (5:1)
  4. Fulfill the covenant. One is responsible for one’s covenant and will be called to account for it (on the Day of Judgment). (17:34)

The failure to honor agreements is a primary cause of difficulty in dealings among people, especially financial dealings. If we analyze broken business partnerships or other difficulties in financial dealings, we will always find their root in the failure of one or more parties to fulfill one or more of the implicit agreements related to those dealings.


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