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Euzubillahimesseytanirracim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Dear Brothers, Insha’Allah today’s khutbah will be about Generosity.  I would like to share with you a moment that occurred during the life of Prophet Muhammed (SAV). Let us all listen to this episode of The King of the Generous, for it gives a very important message about the importance of generosity.

Hadrat Ibn Abbas (ra) is reported to have said that once Hadrat Hasan (ra) and Hadrat Husain (ra) fell seriously ill. Hadrat Ali (ra) and Hadrat Fatima (ra) made a vow to the effect that if the their sons recovered, they would keep three fasts. By the grace of God, their sons recovered and in fulfillment of their vow, they started keeping fasts.  Since there was nothing in their house to eat, they had to keep the first fast without food.  In the morning, Hadrat Ali (ra) approached a Jew, called Sham’un with the request that if he should give some spinning wool in consideration of some wages. The daughter of the holy Prophet  (SAV) would spin it. It was settled that the Jew would give a bundle of spinning wool in consideration of three sa’ (olcu) of barley. Hadrat Fatima (ra)span one third of wool and received one sa’ of barley.  She ground them and prepared five breads; one bread for husband and wife each, one for two boys each and one for the maid servant called fazzab. Hadrat Ali (ra) worked hard all day long and after saying his sunset prayer with the holy prophet (sav) he returned home. The dinner was arranged and he had hardly broken a loaf of bread, when a beggar knocked at their door. The beggar addressing them as the member of the family of the holy prophet (sav) begged for food saying that he was poor and needy.  He prayed that Almighty might provide them with the food of Paradise.  Hadrat Ali (ra) stopped eating. He consulted hadrat Fatima (ra) who readily agreed to give breads to the beggar.  As all breads were given to the beggar, they could not satisfy their hunger.  They had to keep the second fast without food. In the morning, Hadrat Fatima (ra) span one-third of wool and obtained one sa’ of barley.  She grounded them and cooked breads. When hadrat Ali (ra) returned home after saying his sunset prayer with the Holy Prophet (sav), they sat together to take meal.  Instantly, an orphan knocked at their door saying that he was lonely and destitute (poor).  They gave all breads to him. On the third day, they drank water and kept a fast.  In the morning Hadrat Fatima (ra) span the rest of the wool and obtained on sa’ of barley.  After grinding them, she cooked breads. They offered their sunset prayer and sat together to take meal.  Instantly, a prisoner knocked at their door saying that he had fallen on evil days and was needy. They gave all breads to him and did not eat anything.  On the fourth day, they were under no obligation to observe a fast but they had nothing to eat. Hadrat Ali (ra) accompanied by his sons, visited the Holy Prophet (sav).  Hunger and weakness had made it difficult for him to walk. The Holy Prophet (SAV) told Hadrat Ali (ra) that he was deeply moved to see him and desired to see Fatima (ra).  When the Holy prophet (sav) visited Hadrat Fatima (ra) she was saying her prayer. Due to hunger, her eyes did not roll in their sockets and her belly had squeezed.  The Holy Prophet (SAV) embraced her and prayed for her.  On that occasion, the verses of Sura Dahr “AND THEY FEED THE FOOD TO THE NEEDY, THE ORPHAN, AND THE PRISONER, FOR LOVE OF HIM” was revealed through Hadrat Gabriel (blessings of Allah be upon him) who congratulated them on that glad tidings.