NEICC Annual Turkish Friendship Dinner

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The 5th Annual Turkish Community Night organized by North East Islamic Community Center was celebrated in New York by the Turkish families. Guests attended from all over New York came together at the Turkish Cultural Center of New York, Medford. Turkish cuisine dinner was admired by the distinguished guests. The flavorful recipes were from the rich Turkish food heritage. The kids were rejoiced with giving gifts and candies. The event was especially important for the future generations since it was a night where they learned community values.

Mr. Savas Cetinkaya who is the Religious Instructor of North East Islamic Community Center in New York emphasized the importance of program which paired up the Turkish community. He pointed out that the person’s social life has been bruising in their intense work pressure and they can not share enough time to themselves and their families.

Because of this, the decompositions start in the families and it affects the community. He said, “This kind of programs which is organized by The North East Islamic Community Center both help to solidify the friendships in Turkish Community and help to fusion with the other communities in United States’’. He presented his thanks to the families for joining the program and specified that the desired peace environment in the world can be provided with bringing different ideas and people in the same friendship shelter.

Evening ended with exchanging presents with guests and it inspired a distinct taste in the guest’s minds.