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3lu resim


NEICC NY and NJ presented an education seminar for Qur’an teachers this weekend and it had a successful attendance. It lasted for two days for female teachers in NY and for male teachers in NJ locations. NEICC Quran Education Coordinator Saliha Durmaz lectured to the lady teachers about how Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary School kids should have been thought Qur’an. Especially, she focused on what methods should be used for teaching, mahrac (pronunciation), tajweed (rules), and qiraat (reciting) to the little kids who were raised in the USA. Also she lectured a lot of detail for Adult Education methods.

In NJ, NEICC volunteer educators Icaz Khan and Serhat Sen gave a lecture for male educators of Qur’an about how to teach to the middle and high school kids mahrac, tajweed and qiraat. Also they lectured a lot of detail for Adult Education methods.

Attendees got an opportunity for elimination of their deficiencies and learn new methods of teaching Qur’an by studying one-to-one with a great attendance of both seminars. At the end of the seminars NEICC volunteer community service advisor Halil Atas concluded by saying “Learning and teaching Qur’an is one of the biggest virtues in our religion. These actions should follow a correct methodology. Because our kids are our future, precision of education is given to them is important. I think we show our care about education by having these seminar series every year. I thank for the dear educators and attendees”. Seminars are ended by collecting thoughts and evaluation of attendees about the program at the end of the second day.