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Nurullah Pak, who works for NEICC as a religious instructure, theaches Quran studies to middle school students. He helps students with their reading and memorizing Quran.

North East Islamic Community Center is providing opportunities to people of all ages by teaching the Quran and Islam 101 classes. While on one hand it motivates students, relax in the psychological sense and supporting our students. Learning at a friendly atmosphere, and learning a new how to read a language.

We don’t only just teach, but also help the kids build a lifelong relationship and furthermore reading and reflecting over the Quran fulfills an Islamic duty. Learning how to read Quran at a young age will make it easier for the kids to grasp the knowledge, because learning it later may take longer time and effort.

Students get opportunity to recite the Holy Quran with proper makhraj and tajweed. In three hours classes, which is free and open to public, students learn not only about the Holy Quran, but also Muslim Beliefs; Allah (God Almighty), Revered Prophets, Divine Books, Divine Destiny and Decree, The Hereafter, Angels. 5 Pillars of Islam; Testimony of Faith, Prayers, Fasting, Alms and Charity, Pilgrimage (Hajj). Muslim morals and manners etc.