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North East Islamic Community Center in collaboration with Lehigh Dialogue Foundation organized the Rumi Celebration Seminar.

On December 14 the Turkish cultural center hosted the cultural celebration that focused on the poet Mavlana Jalaladdin Rumi. The poet Mavlana was recognized by two well known authors in the subject that came as guest speakers to our podium. The journalist writer Ayşe Göktürk Tunceroğlu explained the history of Mevlana and how he was raised and brought to his final destination Turkey where he wrote his influential book Mesnevi. Mrs. Tunceroğlu also recited Mavlana’s pomes accompanied by the musical instrument Ney.

The academician writer Ayşe Eylül Yalçınkaya took a more sarcastic approach by sharing funny but a very meaningful stories from the Rumi tradition. The program was accompanied by traditional music with various musical instruments and also a special guest from the region of Rumi.

The program ultimately continued with the whirling dervish performance that mesmerized the audience. At the end of the program the musicians and the artists received their gifts. The program had great attendance despite the snow storm and was accompanied by various traditional foods that made the guests appreciate the food in a cozy atmosphere.