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North East Islamic Community Center of New York organized a community seminar.

The knowledge of academicians is most needed in times where humanity is hungry for peace and harmony.  A conscious person is knowledgeable enough to stay away from the misdeed to motivate his or her environment for the goodness.

For this reason NEICC organizes seminars and meetings in different locations to state their main mission to bring  peace, harmony and brotherhood to the communities. One of these programs was organized by NEICC New York Branch. Turkish and American guests came together and enjoyed to meet, learn and get their questions answered by a bright academician.

The program started with a light dinner. A variety of Turkish cuisine was served to the guests. It was followed by an introduction by Savas Cetinkaya who is the one of the religious instructors at NEICC New York Branch. He stated the importance of having these types of programs bringing people together to help the World Peace.

Mr. Cetinkaya said that our world is tired with all the wars and fighting going on and it needs people to listen to each other and live in peace and harmony. He added that dialog is like a tree that offers its fruits all year long and its source is sweet talk and kindness.

Islam is a religion of peace. He also gave examples from prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) life. He said, ‘’ Spreading of Islam to all over the world was possible with the gentle manner of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The peace from dialog during the Prophet’s time is still shinning all over the world and our community. ’’

When the program ended, the guests offered their appreciation about the program and the hospitality of NEICC. Many of them wanted to attend more of these types of seminars.