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NEICC (North East Islamic Community Center) is where the fun phenomenon does happen. During the week there are events for the adults. During the weekend we have Quran classes for kids. They start learning from Alif-ba playing games with the letters so they retain information, and expanded their knowledge of the Quran. When they get to the Quran we teach them tajweed.

One and one with each student, allowing grasp the ideas and also allowing them to ask questions when they don’t understand working in the fields that they have trouble. Having a friendly atmosphere, it allows the kids to understand and retain all the information that was given.

In Religion and Ethics class they get to learn about prophets lives, our values, our religion’s holidays etc. During the week we also offer help with the kids’ homework’s. At the end of the day when school is done helping them with their schoolwork one on one all subjects ranging from all grade levels.  If they have trouble in school and they need extra help. Working one on one with kids get to spend time on the field that they have trouble and understand the subject better. If they have a test coming up, or need to review a topic they have some there to help them. When its one on one with the teacher kids learns and understands the topic better. Allowing them to feel comfortable the next day in class when they know what the teacher is talking about. This can also allow the kids to feel more confidence in themselves.