New York Young Quran Readers Capture Parents’ Hearts

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North East Islamic Community Center
(NEICC) organized a Quran Reading Fair for kids from New York. Parents of around 65 kids attended the event, located at Brooklyn NEICC. It started with a slide show, composed of Quran verses and hadiths. The show emphasized the importance of reading and learning the holy book, Quran. The guest speaker Orhan Cetin spoke on behalf of NEICC. He marked the holy meaning of such events. He then thanked the parents and the teachers of kids for raising such intelligent children.
Young Quran readers started performing various different shows. Categories the kids participated are as follows: Reading Quran, Memorizing Surahs, Chant Singing (ilahi), Reading Poem and Special Talent. Participants of each category impressed the audience with their amazing performances. Each participant of all categories was awarded along with the winners. Quran Reading Fair ended with a group photo shot of all young readers.