North East Islamic Community Center of NJ organized a workshop for NEICC Quran teachers in New Jersey

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Beginning September 3, 2016NEICC Quran teaching programs will start offering classes located at the NEICC Locations.

NEICC held a workshop that informed teachers of the NEICC Quran teaching curriculum, rules, regulations and related topics.

NEICC Quran teaching program will organize the overall Islamic religion and good conduct/moral classes at NEICC Locations. Learning doesn’t have an age limit, you can learn something at every age. It’s hard to find a place to get the right information. You can also imagine that these practices are organized for adults in a facility where there is very little that is of utmost importance. We offer Quran and Islam 101 classes for adults. Usually courses like these are offered during the summer. Similar to children, as adults we learn and at the very end we do not continue for the remaining time, which leads to loss of valuable knowledge. You can refresh this knowledge by coming to NEICC, where we offer courses A-Z. North East Islamic Community Center is providing opportunities to people of all ages by teaching the Quran and Islam 101 classes. While on one hand it motivates students, it also relaxes in the psychological sense while supporting our students. Learning at a friendly atmosphere, and learning how to read a new language.