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Pouring water over oneself and submerging oneself in water.

Applying kohl, eye-drops, or anything else to the eyes.

Kissing, provided that one has self-control.

Rinsing the mouth and nose, without swallowing any water.

Tasting a liquid, food, or something else that one wants to buy. However, anything edible must not be swallowed.

Chewing gum (unlike something that has no sweetness or fragrance) is disliked but does not invalidate the fast.

Eating, drinking, or having sexual intercourse during the night until dawn.

If one eats due to forgetfulness, the day does not have to be made up later or expiated.

Performing ghusl before dawn is not required, but it is advisable to be pure before fasting.

If a woman’s menstrual or post-childbirth bleeding stops during the night, she can delay ghusl until the morning and still fasts. However, she must perform ghusl before the dawn prayer.

Those who are fasting can use a tooth stick or a brush to clean their teeth. It does not matter if this is done at the beginning or at the end of the day.

Smelling perfumes.

Swallowing anything wet with saliva remaining in the mouth after rising.

Swallowing only a few drops of tears and sweat, the taste of which one does not feel.

Eating anything edible remaining between teeth and which is smaller than a chickpea.

Anything that is inedible and enters the mouth without intention (e.g., smoke, dust, and the taste of medicine put on teeth) does not invalidate the fast.

Kissing, touching, and stroking the opposite sex, provided that no ejaculation occurs, as well as any sexual activity that does not result in ejaculation. Any ejaculation that is the result of looking and thinking does not invalidate the fast.

Having a wet dream during the day or any ejaculation of seminal fluid.