Reflections on the Qur’an (Hardcover)

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3375_bM. Fethullah Gulen

The Qur’ān is a Universal Book, addressing not only God’s Messenger and his Companions in the Age of Bliss, but all of humanity and all times to come until the Last Day. It is the greatest Divine blessing on us, but we are unable to fully benefit from the blessings of the Qur’ān unless we sincerely commit ourselves to understanding it. Through these awe-inspiring reflections of the Qur’ān, the honorable scholar and author of this book invites us to read and ponder upon its verses and to be mindful of them. He suggests every Qur’ān reader how to read and better understand it, “With the exception of the fact that I am not a Prophet, the Qur’ān addresses me directly.” The author further emphasizes throughout this work that the Qur’ān is a Divine call that demands implementation and practice in life and is by no means a book for simply analyzing religious teachings or rules. Indeed, if the spirit of his words were to be wrung out, the results would be his sincere call to follow the guidance of the Qur’ān in all of our thoughts, words, and actions in our practical, daily lives. This extensive commentary on selected verses of the Qur’ān is penned in a clear yet grand style that is accessible to both the general and scholarly audience of the contemporary age. Along with frequent references to a variety of classical and contemporary sources, the author presents new insights and fresh interpretations to the understanding of the modern age. His in-depth analyses and perspectives are of exacting relevance to everyone, including born Muslims reinvestigating the Qur’ān as well as new Muslims and all interested seekers striving to explore the depths of meanings and purpose of the Divine Speech. M. Fethullah Gulen is one of the most influential scholars in the Muslim world today. His ideas have inspired millions to take part in a movement of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and educational activism, which has produced hundreds of quality schools and dialogue organizations in more than 130 countries. Gulen is the author of numerous books, many of which are also available in various world languages.

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