Remembrance of The Prophet Muhammad

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Residents of New York attended an event “New York is in remembrance of him” in remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  More than 1,000 people attended this event which was organized by Turkish Cultural Center New York (TCCNY) and North East Islamic Community Center (NEICC) held at West Babylon High School in Long Island, NY.

The event began with a recitation of the Quran, continued with Islamic Theologian and writer Dr.Ahmet Kurucan along with songs by Singer Ertugrul Erkisi.

Dr.Kurucan mentioned when it comes to loving the Prophet (pbuh) there is no dilemma there, the problem with us is showing how much we love him. Dr.Kurucan mentioned although we love the prophet (pbuh) very much, we do now know him well enough.  Dr. Kurucan advised that for us to be a generation that did not live to see the prophet however learned about him and loved him must read about his life as few as 3-5 pages per day. Writer of Zaman Newspaper Dr.Ahmet Turan Alkan mentioned the happiness it gives when seeing people go through their way in this cold weather to come together in remembrance of the Prophet (pbuh).

The event ended with pleasant songs by Ertugrul Erkisi, and his thanks to everyone that helped in putting this event together.