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These are as follows:

  • Sexual intercourse and all matters leading to it (e.g., kissing, touching, or talking to one’s wife about intercourse or related matters).
  • Committing sins that cause deviation from the path of obeying God.

·  Disputing, arguing, or fighting with companions, servants, and other peo-ple. God declares:

The Pilgrimage is in the months well-known to people. Whoever under-takes the duty of Pilgrimage in them, there is no sensual indulgence, wicked conduct, or disputing during the Pilgrimage. (In addition to obey-ing this command,) whatever good you do (and help others), God knows it. Take your provisions for the Pilgrimage (and do not be a burden upon others). In truth, the best provision is piety, so be provided with piety to guard against My chastisement, O people of discernment. (2:197)

·  Wearing any sewn clothes (e.g., a shirt, hooded robes, cloak, underpants), wrapping anything around the head (e.g., a cap or a fez), wearing clothes dyed with a nice fragrant dye, or wearing shoes or sewn slippers.

·  Killing any animal or game or showing it to someone else so that he or she may kill it, or cutting any green grass or trees (whether within or outside the sacred precincts of Makka).