The Happy Birth

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The date was 20 April 571. Around 50 days had passed after the incident with the elephants. The lunar calendar was showing the 12th of the month of Rabi al-awwal. It was a Monday. The dawn was about to break and a birth was taking place that would bring light to all darkness. With Amina were present Shifa, the mother of Abdurrahman ibn Awf, and Fatima, the mother of Uthman ibn Abi’l-As. Then the Last Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, whose good tidings had been sung for centuries, honored the world with his coming, with a very easy birth.

Word was sent immediately to Abdul Muttalib who was praying at the Ka’ba at the time. He hurried to the house. When he held the Light that the universe had been waiting for, his beard was washed with tears. The fatherless son of the son he loved most, the son of Abdullah, had now come to life and was looking at him with meaningful eyes. The mark between his shoulder blades had caught everyone’s attention; this was the mark of Prophethood of the Last Messenger as described by many religious scholars.

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