“The Path of the Prophet” Event

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North East Islamic Community Center partnered with TCCNJ in organizing “The Path of the Prophet” event held in Montclair University, NJ.

The event began with recitation of the Quran, continued with a speech by Writer/Theologist Ahmet Kurucan. He mentioned how we must acknowledge the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and in order to do this, we must learn more about him so the love we have for him can be sincere. He advised ways to do this, and one way was to read about his life daily, an a regular basis even if its for a few minutes a day. An Artist from Turkey was then invited to the stage to present his works of Art which he did from black sand. He presented drawings from the Jahiliyya (Age of Ignorance) period and displayed a sad sketch from the Beginning to the end of the Prophet’s time. The event continued with Singer Ertugrul Erkisi.

Lastly, the event ended with a prayer for reading the Quran in the prophet’s name and signing of Ertugrul Erkisi’s Cd’s.

The Turkish guests gave their thanks for having organized this event and mentioned that events such as these are most important for the youth to experience.