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If the pilgrims intended to perform either Hajj or ‘Umra but were prevented from approaching the House of God, they must sacrifice whatever animal they can afford (e.g., a sheep or a larger animal) within Makka’s sacred precincts. After this, they can leave the state of ihram and remove their special Hajj attire.

  • If the reason why they cannot complete this duty is removed before staying in ‘Arafat, they must complete their Hajj. If they are prevented (from doing so) after staying in ‘Arafat, they are not regarded as being prevented from completing their Hajj, for they can perform the obligatory tawaf anytime during their life, provided that they offer a sacrifice.
  • If they are prevented from staying in ‘Arafat but can perform the obligatory tawaf, they do not have to sacrifice, but must make up their Hajj later.
  • If they intended to perform the obligatory Hajj and were prevented from doing so, they must make it up later.