What Do We Feel At the Time of Death?

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At the time of death, believers experience the opening of windows from their places in Paradise. Prophet Muhammad stated that the souls of such people are drawn out as gently as the flowing of water from a pitcher. Better than that, martyrs do not feel death’s agonies of and do not realize that they are dead. Instead, they think that they have been transferred to a better world and enjoy perfect happiness.

Prophet Muhammad told Jabir, the son of ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr, who was martyred at the Battle of Uhud:

Do you know how God welcomed your father? He welcomed him in such an indescribable manner that neither eyes have seen it, nor ears heard it, nor minds conceived of it. Your father said: “O God, return me to the world so that I can explain to those left behind how pleasant martyrdom is.” God replied: “There is no longer a return. Life is lived only once. However, I’ll inform them of your circumstances you are in,” and He revealed: Never think of those slain in the way of God as dead; rather, they are alive and are provided in the Presence of their Lord (3:169). If you led a good, righteous life, you will have a happy death. If you led a wicked life, you will have a wicked death.

Prophet Muhammad, the most advanced in worshipping God, and ‘Umar advised performing the prescribed prayers while one is dying. Khalid ibn Walid, one of the few invincible generals in world history, asked those beside his death-bed to fetch his sword and horse. Such people as ‘Uthman, ‘Ali, Hamza, Mus’ab ibn ‘Umayr, and many others dedicated themselves to the cause of Islam and so died as martyrs.